Email Wedding Invitation Design – Multiple page email wedding invitations in an amazing variety of styles

At EmailWeddingInvitation.Net we do things differently. You choose your email wedding invitation from our beautiful range of email wedding invitation design templates and we customize it for you with the information you would like to include. A fully personalized service. Our wedding invitation designs include multiple pages as standard allowing you to provide so much more information when compared to single page email wedding stationery. You choose to add as little or as much information to your email wedding invitation making your email wedding invitation card unique. We don't simply charge you a fee to access our website and then expect you to do all of the work. We design unique, 3D page turning email wedding invitation, Letter Style email wedding invitations, Royal Scroll Style digital wedding invitations and our NEW Luxury Pocket Fold email wedding invitation that can contain so much more information - all at an affordable price saving you time and money.

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Over 350 Design Styles

Choose from over 300 different email wedding invitation design styles. We design both traditional and contemporary email wedding invitations - Western & Asian/Indian digital wedding invitations. Read More....

A Personal Service

You don't pay to simply access our website and then do all the work yourself. You select an email wedding invitation template and we customize with your email wedding invitation wording & photographs. Read More....

No Time Or Distribution Limits

We don't believe in making you pay for a specified period of time or enforcing distribution limits. You are free to send to as many guests as you need to - 10 or 10 thousand. You will never pay any extra costs. Read More....

Design Templates

With over 100 email wedding invitation design styles and colors you are sure to find an email wedding invite to suit you and your wedding event. Get the ball rolling - contact us today!