Custom Email Wedding Invitation Design

Why choose an invitation?


In the past an invitation simply consisted of a plain text email message or simply a word document with your wedding invitation working – not very exciting and not really that personal. Times have changed and thankfully so has the way in which we can now distribute our digital or invitations.

3d page flip  invitation designs

Beautifully Designed Email Wedding Invitations

When choosing an invitation designer what do you look for? Well, firstly you need to choose a designer who has more than one email invitation template to choose from and one that is prepared to work with you if you decide to go for a unique, custom designed bespoke invitation. offer a huge range of stylish, traditional and modern invitations with a unique twist. 3D page turning captivates your wedding guest and really adds a personal touch. Whats more, every invitation that they create is customized to your requirements – you simply send the information and leave the rest to

That’s one less thing to worry about. Unlike some invitation design websites where you are expected to pay an upfront fee and then do all of the design work yourself the team at do things differently.

Because each design is customized by designers who know what they are doing the content of the design service is highly flexible, even down to the page titles – simply let them know what you would like to include (wedding invitation wording and images) and voila! within a couple of days your beautiful, 3d page turning wedding invitation card is ready for distribution to your guest list.

Indian Email Wedding Card Design

Indian Email Wedding Card Design

And its not just western style weddings that are catered for at – a huge range of Asian/Indian style cards are also available and are suitable for multi-faith, Hindu, Sikh and Muslim weddings.