Email Wedding Invitation Client Feedback 1


At first I was skeptical about creating an online link for my wedding invitation, but decided to give it a try just to test it out.. and I'm so glad that I did! Working with Andrew from was an amazing experience! We kept in contact via email and his response times were impeccable, and the entire invite was complete within 48 hours with all changes and adjustments.

My guest's responses have been great.. they are saying that it is the most creative and personalized wedding card they have ever received. It was easy, cost effective, great customer service, and in line with today's "technologically savvy" generation.
Shazia Testimonial
No shipping charges, stamps, return mail, RSVP extra charges, and guessing how many to order and praying they turn out how you want them.
I just submitted the text and images, ordered it, paid one set price, and sent them to as many guests electronically as I wanted when it was completed to my satisfaction. In today's day and age, this is definitely the way to go!

Shazia Siddiqi