Email Wedding Invitation Wording

How To Word Your Email Wedding Invitation?

How to word your email wedding invitation is a question we get regularly asked and to be honest there is never a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Just like any other invitation the wording for a wedding invite can depend on the type of wedding, whether the invitation is traditionally from the bride and grooms parents or whether it is a more relaxed event compared to a formal wedding. Of course if your wedding is a religious occasion this too has some bearing on the introduction and content of your digital wedding card design.

Email Wedding Invitation Wording

Email Wedding Invitation Wording - Content Changes, No Problem!

Many brides and grooms spend hours agonizing over the content of their wedding invitation – trying to please everyone involved and at the same time trying to fit as much information in a printed invite as possible. It’s totally different with email wedding invitation wording because being digital you are not fixed to a single page invite and you can easily change your mind about the wording once you have seen the draft. Changes to printed wedding cards are just too expensive which means once your wedding wording is printed there’s no going back.

The Text (wording) Content Of Your E-Wedding Invite

Email wedding cards are far more flexible when it comes to making wording changes when compared to their printed counterparts. This is because proofs (draft versions) are emailed and then changed at your request. This process also means that if you make a small error in your wedding invitation wording it is much easier and cheaper to get it corrected – even after you send the digital version to your wedding guest list.

Formal vs Informal Email Wedding Invite Wording

As the title above says, wedding invitations are normally formal or informal and really depend on your preferences, your religion or even keeping in line with wedding invitation wording etiquette. In the past wedding invitations were normally sent by the bride and groom parents and the text reflected this as a personal invitation from ‘the parents’

It’s become more popular now for the bride and grooms to send the invitations with the wording reflecting this. Asian wedding invitations do still normally have more of a family element to the wording with compliments being sent from both sides of the wedding party.

Example Informal Email Wedding Invitation Wording

We’re Getting Married!

Daniel & Michelle Have Decided To Tie The Knot And Would Love You To Join Them To Celebrate This Special Occasion

The Happy Event Starts

Friday October 8th – 2016

Example Formal Email Wedding Invitation Wording

Mr & Mrs Alan Smith Cordially Invite You

To Celebrate The Wedding Of Their

Daughter Michelle With Mr Daniel Smith

Friday October 8th – 2016

Need Some Help With Your Email Wedding Invitation Wording

At we have been creating unique and beautifully design digital wedding invitation products since 2009. If you need some help with your wedding invitation wording we can always adjust your text so that it reads perfectly before sending to your guest list.

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