EmailWeddingInvitation.Net Frequently Asked Questions

Our invitation design service allows you to choose from over 100 design styles. We have modern and traditional digital wedding invitation styles for both the Western and Asian bride and groom to be. We take care of the customization for you, you simply select a design and leave the rest to us – this means our service and the invitation templates on our website are very flexible.

Email Wedding Invitation FAQ's


Q How Do I Order An Email Wedding Invitation?

A: Spend some time looking around the invitation templates on our website. When you have found a suitable design get in touch for further information on our design options. It’s a very simple process. When you have decided on a particular digital wedding invitation design (or a bespoke invitation design) we will send you an easy to complete PDF. You add your information and your wedding invitation wording and send it back to us. We then customize the invitation to your requirements.

Q How Do I Submit My Information To You?

A: We send you a very easy to complete PDF. Once you have all the information and wedding invitation wording that you would like to be included in your invitation simply return the PDF to us.

Q Can I Change The Page Headings?

A: Our service is very flexible because we customize the invitation design for you. This means you are not constrained by the limitations of some do-it-yourself services where only certain elements can be changed of modified. All the text you see on a page and all the photographic content can be changed to suit you, this includes page headings. This makes our service unique and highly customized which in turn provides you with a unique email marriage invitation design.

Q Do I Have To Include Photographs?

A: Like every element of our wedding invitation design service the photographic content can be customized to suit you. Photographic content in your card is completely optional and you do not have to include photographs if you don’t want to.

Q Can I Include A Directions Map?

A: Yes. In the examples on our website you will see that a directions as well as a places to stay page can be included with links to either a popup map and/or a link to other map services such as Google maps.

Q Can I Include Links To My Wedding Website?

A: Yes. We can build links directly into the page of your invitation which means that when your guests click on a link they can be taken to another website such as a wedding website or a gift list website.

Q Do You Provide ‘custom’ Email Wedding Invitation Designs?

A: Yes we do. We can design a one off invitation styled to you and your wedding event using your ideas, your wedding theme or perhaps just something you have in mind. While we cannot copy exactly the style of a wedding invitation you might have seen (for copyright and ethical reasons) elsewhere we can create a similar design. Our bespoke invitation design service provides you with a unique digital wedding invitation which will still save you lots of money when compared to print and distribution costs. Please contact us for further information and pricing.

Q How Does The RSVP Form Work?

A: We can provide you with a time saving way for you and your guests to respond to RSVP requests. The RSVP page within your invitation can include a link to a special form page on our website, designed just for your wedding event. The form can include up to 10 custom fields and include information which is important to you such as how many guests, special diet requirements etc. The results of the form are automatically sent to your email address making RSVP information much easier to gather and also making it easier for your guests to reply online.

Q How Much Time Does It Take To Create My Email Wedding Invitation?

A: This depends on our workload but never more than 3 – 4 days from when we receive your completed form and payment. Usually just 2 – 3 days.

Q Will I Receive A Draft Version?

A: Yes, once we have completed your invitation design you will be sent a link to the draft version. At this time you can request any changes that you would like to make to the text or photographic content.

Q How Do I Send My Wedding Invitation To My Guest List?

A: It’s a very simple process to distibute your invitation. Depending on your design style (page turning, Letter or Scroll style) you can either send the web link to your digital wedding invitation or attach the actual invitation directly to the email you will send to your guest list.

Do You Provide Email Wedding Invitations In Other Languages?

A: Yes, we have had clients from all over the world with invitations in English, Danish, Spanish, Estonian, Polish and more. We can provide 2 options. Firstly an English language version with a supplementary version in an additional language if some of your guests mother tongue is not English. Or, we can provide just one language version in the language of your choice.

Q What are the Viewing Requirements for my Email Wedding Invitation?

A: Please view the pricing and ordering page for specifics about how each design type is delivered. The PDF versions of our invitations require the Adobe Acrobat PDF viewer which is readily available on PC and MAC systems. The Web version can be viewed in all standard web browsers.

Will my invitation work on a smartphone/tablet device?

A: Yes, we are using a new format for the web link versions of our invitation template designs. Our new format is not based on flash so will work on desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices. The PDF version of your card (which is yours to keep) will only work on a PC or MAC.


If the answer to your question is not listed above then please contact us, we are happy to help.