Purple & Beige Letter Style Indian Email Wedding Invitation

Indian & Asian Letter Style Email Wedding Cards - Template Design 1

Our unique letter style email wedding invitation cards are creatively designed with letter opening effects and multiple pages of interactive wedding information. This digital wedding card is designed in shades of purple and beige with a beautifully detailed henna pattern on the wedding invitation pages and also in the opening of the envelope. With our service you can provide so much more information to your wedding guest list. All of the text in the example below is changed to suit your wedding invitation wording, you also get to choose how many pages of content you would prefer. This allows you to send as much information as you need relating to all of your wedding events – direction links, maps, RSVP and more.

Letter Email Marriage Card Design Number: 1

Primary Wedding Card Colors Used: Purple & Beige

Indian Letter Style Email Wedding Invitation In Purple & Beige

Religious & Non-Religious Wedding Ceremonies & Events

Our email wedding invitation template designs are not categorised into religions. Because we customise the wedding card template for you we can add a religious symbol at your request. This makes our service perfect for your Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or other religious wedding events.

Planning Your Wedding With Multiple Wedding Guest Lists

If your wedding celebrations include multiple events with multiple guest lists then a digital wedding card is the perfect way to save money and time. We provide secondary wedding invitations are  just 50% of the original design price when using the same template. Using this method means there is no confusion when you send the link to your guest list because each email marriage invitation is separate.

A Simple Process To Order Your Email Wedding Invitation


  • Select a design from our range of Western Style or Indian Style email wedding invitation templates
  • Contact Us and we’ll send you an easy to complete PDF form where you can add the content you want to include on a page by page basis
  • We customize using your wedding invitation wording, send you the completed link and you email to your guest list

You can contact us about this wedding invitation or any other by using the quick contact link to the left of this page – contact us today to find out how simple our email wedding invitation design service really is.